Colorful Birthday Party

Birthday Party Reservation

(10 Person Minimum)


1- $10 for 2 hours of:

    * Bounce House

    * Playscape 

    * Rock climbing wall 

2- $10 for Lase Tag = 14 minute 

3- $10 for Go Kart = 4 laps

​Package (1)

$250.00 Covers: 
Choice of (1 Attraction)
$25.00 each child exceeding 10

Package (2)

$350.00 Covers: 
Choice of (2 Attractions)
$35.00 each child exceeding 10



All terms and conditions must be read and agreed to before a deposit can be made. Please check all boxes. Must have a minimum of 10 guests to book a party or pay for 10 if less show up. no candy tables, all goody bags must be given out when children are leaving. goody bags must be made before entering the building and my not contain juice or chips.

We do not allow confetti , silly string, or piñata’s.
A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required when booking your party. If deposit is not made within this time frame your spot will not be saved for you.
A liability wavier must be signed for all guest attending your event.
You must call us 48 hours prior to your event to let us know how many children you will have.  You will pay for the amount of children you have booked for, even if less show up. no outside food or beverages are allowed in our building at any given time other than cake for your party.
Your party will be  2 hours  unless extra time is purchased at time of booking, ($50.00 per hour paid up front ) no refunds.

There will be a charge of $50.00 for every 15 minutes over your party time. Once your party is over you must exit the room and take all belongings to your car. You may not take up tables in our dining area. However you may stay to play but no other tables will be given so we ask you remove all  your belongs and place in your car.
We must be notified at time of booking if you will be having any character join your event.

There will be a $50.00 charge if your room is left in poor condition. ( trash all over, cake or ice cream on floors, tables or walls, confetti on floor or table, no silly string of any kind.
Your party will be assigned an area the day of your event, we do not take own space. Please be advised this is all parties of all sizes. (we don’t guarantee any specific area to anyone)
Only your PAID GUEST will be guaranteed a seat in your party area.
All guest must have socks on their feet at all times. Anyone riding go karts or playing laser tag must have closed toe shoes on their feet (no exceptions). Riders must be 54-inch-tall to ride alone or must ride with a parent over 18 years old (no exceptions).

Your activities start at your party time and if you are late we do not give you extra time you must still move out of the room at your 2-hour time unless you have arranged extra time at booking of your party. Pizzas for your party will come out 45 minutes into your party. All laser tag games will be scheduled 75 minutes into your party and we ask that you do cake and gifts 90 minutes into your party so that you are ready to exit the building at your 2-hour mark. 

Games will be scheduled so please when your party hostess tells you your time for laser tag or 7d have your party ready as there are other parties that need to get their turn.

Drinks in your party room are for your paid guest only! If you have not paid for the adults to drink and they are drinking you will be charged $2.00 for each adult drinking the pop.

Deposits are non-refundable, however if you need to reschedule you must do so 48 hours before your event or you will forfeit all of your deposit.